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Got some questions? Let’s answer them!

Do you have some questions before you purchase about shipping, payments or returns? Or questions about the product? Please find our most asked questions below. If you don’t find an answer, please contact us.

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How long does shipping take?

We ship every day from our storages within the USA, EU and Norway. In the USA, our storage is in California, therefore the delivery time frame is 3-5 business days coast to coast. In the EU and Norway, shipping takes 1-3 business days. We are working on shipment deals, where we would be able to estimate delivery times more exactly, but so far, this is what we know.

Do I have to pay any import taxes?

If the shipping address is within the USA, EU or Norway, there are no additional taxes to be paid on delivery. If the shipping address is outside of these areas, there might be an import tax depending on your countries import laws.

What about returns?

As a part of our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you will always be able to return your purchased MiniMeis to us. But before returning it, please let us know if you experience any problems, 9 out of 10 times we are able to make you love the MiniMeis like we do. Contact us!

Our product

What age is MiniMeis suitable for?

One of the many benefits of MiniMeis shoulder carrier, is that it can be used for many years. Our main guidelines are from earliest 6 months and up until 5 years. But every child is different and have different needs. As in a highchair, the child should be able to sit upright without support before sitting in a MiniMeis. The child has to be able to hold her head up. For the youngest users (from app. 6 – 10 months.), the multistrap can be used for extra support. See our Starter guide for more info.

How much weight can MiniMeis hold?

The lifting loops on the side of the MiniMeis is tested by SINTEF to 20 kg per item. The actual substance and carrier arms are extremely solid and can withstand much more, more than you will ever wear on your shoulders. In conclusion, we don´t operate with a weight limit on the MiniMeis, but our main guideline is up to 20kg/44 lb.

Is MiniMeis equally suitable for women and men?

The product is made by fathers on the basis of male anatomy. Many mothers have fallen in love with our product, others are not quite comfortable with it. The size and shape of women's breasts naturally vary to a greater extent than on men. Our tip for women with a large breast area: When attaching the MiniMeis to your body, fasten only the side straps, not the middle strap that goes over the chest area. In this way you will have no pressure over the chest, whilst the MiniMeis will still sit tight and secure to your torso, and work as a backpack.

Is MiniMeis secure/safe?

The MiniMeis have been tested over several years and the security element has emerged as the most important during development. It is one of the most secure carriers on the market since it is not a free hanging carrier and because of this fact it is less subjected to fatigue. The child is not placed in any unnatural position during use and always remains close to the carrier. This allows the carrier to maintain the natural human balance while in active use, no weight compensation is needed. The foot straps replace the traditional handgrip for shoulder carrying and connect the child’s legs to the harness. The seat secures the child from falling backwards and the carriers head prevents the child from falling forwards. For our smallest users, the MiniMeis has an optional shoulder strap to be used for extra support and safety. With this strap the child is secured with a patented 9-point harness. The carrier’s only concern is to be aware of obstacles above his/her head, which would also be the case when carrying your child on your shoulders without the MiniMeis. We recommend using the MiniMeis only outside. Lift your child to new heights and experience how fun, safe and easy it is to go on adventures with your child with our innovative carrier!

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How to use MiniMeis G3

We recommend using the MiniMeis only outside.

Lift your child to new heights and experience how fun, safe and easy it is to go on adventures with your child with our innovative carrier!

All the best!

Dads and founders of MiniMeis,

Tarjei, Julius and Marcus.

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