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We have free worldwide shipping, all VAT included. We ship every business day from our storage worldwide and deliver within 1-3 business days in Europe and US using our partner DHL for worldwide shipping. In any other country, delivery can take between 1-5 business days.

No, we ship to all countries including all charges for taxes and import costs included. Only customers in Russia will have to pay import duties upon receival of their order.

As a part of our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you will always be able to return your purchased MiniMeis to us within 90 days. But before returning it, please let us know if you experience any problems, 9 out of 10 times we are able to make you love the MiniMeis like we do. In case you do decide to return a shipping fee will be charged to you. Contact us!

MiniMeis is not affected by the ongoing situation with the coronavirus. Our DHL delivery service is going as planned and you will receive your order within 1-3 business days. Take care of each other and embrace the potential extra time you have as a family.

Our partner DHL offers the option to deliver without requiring a signature, providing a delivery without personal contact. This option is made available after you ordered with us, DHL will contact you by email and sms where you can choose “Signature release” as an option.

Our Product

One of the many benefits of the MiniMeis shoulder carrier, is that it can be used for many years. Our main guidelines are from earliest 6 months and to 5 years. But every child is different and have different needs. As in a highchair, the child should be able to sit upright without support before sitting in a MiniMeis. The child has to be able to hold her head up. For the youngest users (from approx. 6 – 10 months.), the provided shoulder strap can be used for extra upper body support. See our Starter guide for more info.

The Minimeis is tested according to European standard EN-13209-1:2044 and US standard ASTM F 2549 14a for framed carriers. The carrier has been tested up to the set standard of 22 kg. That said, the durable material used on the MiniMeis can withstand more weight than you’d comfortably want to carry – so it’s really up to you, the parents, how much weight you want distributed on your shoulders. 

The product is made by fathers on the basis of male anatomy. Many mothers have fallen in love with our product, others are not quite comfortable with it. The size and shape of women’s breasts naturally vary to a greater extent than on men. Our tip for women (or men) with a large chest area: When attaching the MiniMeis to your body, tighten the side straps firmly and leave the chest strap untightened. If the carrier is still not comfortable, then release the chest strap. The two side straps must remain connected and tight. In this way you will have no pressure over the chest area, whilst the MiniMeis will still sit tight and secure to your torso. See our Startguide for video tutorial! 

MiniMeis has been tested for several years, and the safety element has always been the most important element during development.MiniMeis G4 has been tested and approved according to both European standard EN-13209-1:2044 and US standard ASTM F 2549 14a. It is one of the most secure carriers on the market. Since MiniMeis is not a free hanging support unit, the restraint and weight distribution system is less subject to material fatigue caused by gravity than conventional carriers. The child is not placed in any unnatural positions during use, but rather sitting in a natural position safely secured on the parent’s shoulders. The weight of the child is evenly distributed through the carriers’ body, which allows parents to maintain the natural human balance during active use. The leg straps replace the traditional hand grip during shoulder carrying and attach the child’s legs to the harness. The backrest protects the child from falling backwards and the adults head prevents the child from falling forward. A waist belt is provided for extra safety.

For our smallest users (approx. 6 – 10 months), the MiniMeis has an optional shoulder strap that can be used for extra support and safety. With this strap the child is secured with a patented 9-point harness. See our starter guide for more info. The MiniMeis G4 is equipped with a patented weight distribution system that allows the child to sit on an elevated arch, avoiding direct pressure on the adult’s neck, shoulders and collarbone. Parents only concern is to be aware of obstacles above their head, which would also be the case when carrying your child on the shoulders without MiniMeis. 

Lift your child to new heights and experience how fun, safe and easy it is to go on adventures with your child with our innovative carrier!

All the best!
Dads and founders of MiniMeis,
Tarjei and Julius