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"Nothing can compare to MiniMeis on holidays!"

Lars Zachariassen

We use MiniMeis all the time for everyday tasks like cleaning in the garage, making dinner, bake, vacuum clean, go to the nursery etc. With three little boys, there is never a dull moment and we are often out walking with the MiniMeis. The boys take turns to sit up there for a rest, and point and sing and chatter with us.

MiniMeis is also the perfect vacation tool. No other toddler carrier can compare. The kids love to get an overview, take part in the conversations and we have our hands free of other things. A big bonus is that it takes so little space to bring along as it is foldable. Both mom and dad use the MiniMeis, it was love at first sight!

"MiniMeis makes it easy for us to enjoy nature with our twin girls!"


If I were to describe MiniMeis with a word then I would have said: EASY! 

It is easy to bring along because it takes up little space and is lightweight. It’s easy to put together. It has a simple and sleek design that appeals to both me and my husband. It’s easy to put on and off and it’s easy to put your baby in. All this makes it super easy for us to go out for walks with our two little girls!

In our family, MiniMeis is very popular amongst the kids, parents and grandparents alike. The shoulder carrier makes it easy for us to be an active family and give our children great experiences in nature. Our girls have the best view from their MiniMeis 🙂 

"Perfect on holidays, our little guy was so content!"

We went to Barcelona with our 8 months old son, and off course brought our new MiniMeis for easy, and fun exploration!

MiniMeis is practical and foldable, thus super easy to bring on any trip. What we first loved about MiniMeis was that our little man was sitting incredibly stable, despite his young age (8 months). And most importantly, he was having a grand time and could not stop smiling! He was looking outwards and joining in on our adventures. And I can only imagine how much he will like sitting there when he gets a bit bigger and understands more. MiniMeisen can be used until they are 5 years if you want!

MiniMeis is also perfect when it gets to hot with traditional baby carriers, which has often been a problem for us on travels. We can recommend MiniMeis to everyone, it is a carrier solution for the whole family – great for moms too!

A carrier that benefits the whole family.

  • The best view for the child
  • Natural positions for child and carrier
  • A Practical foldable traveling companion
  • Free hands for carrier and child
  • For kids from 6 months to 5 years old!

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