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Innovation and design – include the BackPack and get 20% discount on your order. Use code FAMILYTIME at checkout Learn more

Designed and customized for your MiniMeis carrier – Include the BackPack to your order and get 20% discount on your order. Claim with code ‘FAMILYTIME’ at checkout. Learn more



LIMITED OFFER: add the MiniMeis Backpack to your order and get 20% OFF your order using code FAMILYTIME at checkout

Add The BackPack to your order
and get a 20% discount using code FAMILYTIME at checkout
Claim with code FAMILYTIME at checkout.

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  • 28L Backpack made to transport your folded MiniMeis + trip essentials
  • Can be attached to the MiniMeis carrier when in use, with easy access to whatever you need on the go
  • 5 unique color designs made to match your MiniMeis perfectly
We ship every business day from our storage worldwide and deliver within 1-3 business days in Europe and US using our partner DHL for worldwide shipping. In any other country, this can take between 1-5 business days.
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At only 1,5 kg (3,3 lb), the MiniMeis is the most lightweight framed child carrier on the market. But despite its super lightweight composition, the MiniMeis is robust and strong. MiniMeis have been tested within all European and US safety standards by SGS. They have been tested up to the set standard of 18 kg. That said, MiniMeis material can hold much more than you can ever carry so it`s really up to the parents.

We ship every business day from our storage worldwide and deliver within 1-3 business days in Europe and US using our partner DHL for worldwide shipping. In any other country, this can take between 1-5 business days.

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No, we ship to all countries including all charges for taxes and import costs included. Only customers in Russia will have to pay import duties upon receival of their order.

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Meet our new backpack, in five colorways, to pair perfectly with your MiniMeis G4! The Backpack, is made to store your folded MiniMeis when not in use and to transport all your kids’- and parent essentials when out about on adventures.


When you’re on the go, The Backpack attaches to the front of the MiniMeis with patented hooks and smoothly rests at the back of the MiniMeis. For optimal comfort the shoulder straps can easily be tucked away in a separate pocket


To get the quickest access to The Backpack while you’re on the go, you can detach one hook, swing the backpack around and easily reach inside cleverly designed pockets for water bottles, smoothies etc. to keep you and your child hydrated and at full speed. 


When not in use, your folded MiniMeis fits perfectly inside the backpack. Even with the folded MiniMeis inside there is lots of room to spare. Whether it’s going to the beach, strolling around the city or taking a longer hike, The MiniMeis + Backpack will get you there. Nothing can hold you back with this dream team!

 BUNDLE UP FOR a great deal

When bought together, you receive a great deal on The MiniMeis + Backpack. For all your upcoming adventures check out the different colorways and pick your favorite! 

See you out there! 

Dads and CO-Founders of MiniMeis,
Julius & Tarjei

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Color BackPack

Burgundy – Black, Dark grey, Navy, Grey – Orange, Yellow – Black