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MiniMeis G4

Baby and child shoulder carrier

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MiniMeis is an innovative Norwegian-made, patented product that gives children a bird’s eye view. Perfect for curious children, who don´t like to sit in the stroller when not sleeping. It can be easily folded, so it´s great to bring on holidays! You carry the child in a comfortable and natural position as the weight of the child is placed on top of your shoulders, distributing the weight evenly through your body. As it leaves your arms free and is an amazing viewpoint for the child, it´s perfect to use on all kinds of hikes, when shopping, at the zoo, or simply to/from the kindergarten.  We use it every day, and the children love it!


Designed and certified according to standard EN 13209/1 for Europe and ASTMF 2549/14a for the US.


100% recyclable and certified fabrics.
No harmful flame retardants applied.


E-coated steel frame with molded PA 6 recyclable shoulder support, ensuring maximum rigidity and security for the child. 
Internal parts from recycled plastic.

Weight & size

Foldable and measures 40×30×12 cm / 15×12×5 inches 
Weight: 1.5 kg / 3.2 lb


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We provide a 100% satisfaction guaranteed service. This means if you are not happy with your MiniMeis, let us know and we will make you happy! Sometimes it is just a little tip from our end and you are hooked. If not, you can return your MiniMeis and you will get a full refund. Contact us

How to use MiniMeis

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"MiniMeis makes it easy for us to enjoy nature with our twin girls!"


If I were to describe MiniMeis with a word then I would have said: EASY! 

It is easy to bring along because it takes up little space and is lightweight. It’s easy to put together. It has a simple and sleek design that appeals to both me and my husband. It’s easy to put on and off and it’s easy to put your baby in. All this makes it super easy for us to go out for walks with our two little girls!

In our family, MiniMeis is very popular amongst the kids, parents and grandparents alike. The shoulder carrier makes it easy for us to be an active family and give our children great experiences in nature. Our girls have the best view from their MiniMeis 🙂 

"Perfect on holidays, our little guy was so content!"

We went to Barcelona with our 8 months old son, and off course brought our new MiniMeis for easy, and fun exploration!

MiniMeis is practical and foldable, thus super easy to bring on any trip. What we first loved about MiniMeis was that our little man was sitting incredibly stable, despite his young age (8 months). And most importantly, he was having a grand time and could not stop smiling! He was looking outwards and joining in on our adventures. And I can only imagine how much he will like sitting there when he gets a bit bigger and understands more. MiniMeisen can be used until they are 5 years if you want!

MiniMeis is also perfect when it gets to hot with traditional baby carriers, which has often been a problem for us on travels. We can recommend MiniMeis to everyone, it is a carrier solution for the whole family – great for moms too!

"The best investment!"


We have used our MiniMeis for everything like walking around in Oslo, when grocery shopping, and in the snowstorm in the mountains.

The MiniMeis takes up little space, is simple and user-friendly plus the kids love it! To me it is too heavy to wear our daughter Lucia on the back with other backpack carriers we have. Now she weighs about 11 kg and with the MiniMeis I can go long before I get tired. You can easily get the child placed when you are alone. I like that! You take on the MiniMeis as a bag and you’re ready to GO!

A great bonus is that the MiniMeis packs up super small when folded and it is perfect to be able to carry the MiniMeis over the shoulders when going out. In that case, we can put the MiniMeis on when our little girl gets tired so she can have a rest at our shoulders. Now we don´t have to bring a stroller anymore!

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A quick FAQ on our product

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How long does shipping take?

We ship every business day from our storage worldwide and deliver within 1-3 business days in Europe and US using our partner DHL for worldwide shipping. In any other country, this can take between 1-5 business days.

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Do I have to pay any import taxes?

If the shipping address is within Norway, the EU or the USA there are no additional taxes to be paid on delivery.


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What about returns?

As a part of our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you will always be able to return your purchased MiniMeis to us. But before returning it, please let us know if you experience any problems, 9 out of 10 times we are able to make you love the MiniMeis like we do. In case you do decide to return a shipping fee will be charged to you. Contact us!

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How do I contact you?

Talk to us, we are here to help!

Choose e-mail, phone or Facebook to contact us directly and we are happy to assist you with any question, remark or suggestions.

A carrier that benefits the whole family.

  • The best view for the child
  • Natural positions for child and carrier
  • A Practical foldable traveling companion
  • Free hands for carrier and child
  • For kids from 6 months to 5 years (max. 18 kg / 39 lb) old!

Our social responsibility: To be announced soon!

“MiniMeis Is absolutely brilliant. Our kids enjoy every moment in it.”

Stian Lervik- Pediatrician, norway

“My best tip: buy a MiniMeis, we use ours 7 days a week!”

@larszachariassen- Physiotherapist, Norway

”…MiniMeis differs from the traditional baby carrier with unobstructed views for the baby / baby..”

The dad network- http://www.thedadnetwork.co.uk

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