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  • new_york_with_toddler

    NEW YORK with a toddler!

    Visiting New York is a big dream for many people, though for parents it might seem terrifying and not worth the hassle with a toddler (or more) in tow. In our case, daddy was spending two work-related weeks in NYC on an Innovation Norway program (with MiniMeis!). After him being away for a week, mommy …

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  • Family vacation to Bali with three small kids!

    Written by Lars Zachariassen, husband and father of three boys. We were two. Loving, adventurous and joyful. Backpacked through Asia, Europe, crossed America and Austraia – dreamed of Africa. Alone on a white beach under the stars she said yes. We married young, 23 and 24 years old. Love and adventure results in well-known consequences. …

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  • Lift your children to new hights in 2019

    „Alone with the kids on a Christmas market or during Christmas shopping. A hyper three-year-old running around. She is curious, wanting to look and touch everything, and it’s no easy task to try and hold to the little hand to prevent her from disappearing in the crowd. Dad, I can´t see anything – can you …

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