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Beoordelingen over MiniMeis

"MiniMeis accompanies us on every trip!"

Karen Lena Robinson

We are absolutely thrilled over the MiniMeis shoulder carrier. It accompanies us on every trip – in nature, around the city and certainly also on next vacation! What convinced us so much? If the MiniMeis is in use, you can hardly imagine that you can actually fold it so small that it fits into every normal backpack. We are very enthusiastic about the fact that you have your hands free – both the child and the bearer. Secure fit without holding.

If our little man could tell us himself what he likes about the MiniMeis, he would surely mention the great view and that he is bigger than everyone else – but so far he just says “Dad, shoulder, Yes!” When we visit the Christmas market this year we can do so without a stroller. The new baby in a baby carrier and our little man happy on daddies shoulders in a MiniMeis! https://www.instagram.com/karenlenarobinson/

"We can recommend the MiniMeis without reservation to anyone!"


When receiving our MiniMeis we were curious how it would feel on our shoulders. Would it feel heavy or uncomfortable? On the contrary, even after several hours of walking it felt fine. With a classic baby carrier like Ergobaby however, we felt the weight of our 10 kg son after just 30-45 minutes.

MiniMeis is very innovative, yet easy-to-use. Parents know: whether baby or toddler – the little ones love a good view. Especially children who prefer being carried to the stroller will love the outlook.

Whether you go on a family vacation, a short trip or shopping tour, the shoulder carrier is suitable for any occasion.We brought ours to a road trip to Canada and there were so many places we could use the MiniMeis where a stroller could not access.

On all areas we are very satisfied with the shoulder carrier and can therefore recommend it to you without reservation. We have compared this model in our baby wear test with other carriers. The MiniMeis could convince us in all points and is therefore our buying tip nr 1!

Read the whole test here: (In german)


"Nothing can compare to MiniMeis on holidays!"

Lars Zachariassen

We use MiniMeis all the time for everyday tasks like cleaning in the garage, making dinner, bake, vacuum clean, go to the nursery etc. With three little boys, there is never a dull moment and we are often out walking with the MiniMeis. The boys take turns to sit up there for a rest, and point and sing and chatter with us.

MiniMeis is also the perfect vacation tool. No other toddler carrier can compare. The kids love to get an overview, take part in the conversations and we have our hands free of other things. A big bonus is that it takes so little space to bring along as it is foldable. Both mom and dad use the MiniMeis, it was love at first sight!

Een kinderdrager voor de hele familie.

  • Het beste zicht voor je kindje
  • Natuurlijke houding voor kind en drager
  • Praktisch opvouwbaar voor op reis
  • Vrije handen voor drager en kind
  • Voor kinderen vanaf 6 maanden tot 5 jaar!

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