Kids carrier for babies, toddlers, and kids

  • Made to create big childhood memories 

  • The best view for kids 

  • Natural posture for the child as well as the carrier

  • Practical in use: it’s foldable like a laptop

  • For babies, toddlers, and kids from 6 months to 5 years 

As a parent, you don’t want to stay inside with your kids. You want to go on adventures and take your baby, a toddler or a kid with you so they can see the world with their own eyes. With a kids carrier, you can bring your little one with you wherever you go. It’s safe, practical and brings you closer to your child. 


With a kid carrier backpack, you can maneuver quickly and easily through busy streets, while your kid can oversee everything. Because a kid carrier backpack can be adjusted, all family members (and maybe even friends) can use a kids carrier.

Perfect kids carrier for hiking enthusiasts

Our kid carrier can be used every day. It leaves your hands free and your child can look around and discover new things every second. These advantages make a kids carrier ideal for active parents. Most kids aren’t able to go for a long walk before they are at least five or six years old. Carry your kid in a kid carrier, and you can start walking or hiking together from 6 months old.  

A kids carrier for hiking ensures kids sit in a natural position while looking around. Perfect for those little ones who don’t want to sit and sleep in a stroller. Thanks to good design going up or down the stairs with your kids is an easy task and even public transport is not much of a problem anymore. A kids carrier gives you the freedom to move around in busy streets and go hiking with the whole family. And the best part is: the kids love it!

Our MiniMeis is developed by passionate fathers

The kid carrier backpack of MiniMeis is developed by fathers with a big passion for product design. We have tested our kids carrier back for five years and are happy to say that we have created the best possible kids carrier for the whole family. Our kids carrier backpack offers you and your baby, toddler or kid a comfortable experience. Have them explore the world on top of your shoulders.  It’s safe, practical and above all, it’s fun.

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