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Did you get your MiniMeis before end of April 2017?

If yes, these instructions are for you. If not please refer to our Start Guide for Generation 3 (May 2017 or later).

how to use a MINIMEIS G2?


Step 1 – MiniMeis with shoulder straps fits children from 6 months – 2 years old. The instructions is to first place the child in the carrier and attach the shoulder and leg straps to the child. Then you lift the child and the carrier onto your shoulders and attach the straps around your body. Safe, secure and fun!

Step 2 – Seat Cover without straps. As the child grows older and bigger, there is no need to secure it using the shoulder straps. You can easily change the seat cover on the MiniMeis to the one without straps. The instructions is then to first attach the MiniMeis to your body. Then you simply lift you child up and secure it using the leg straps. As a result, you can easily take the child up and down if he or she wants to walk a bit on their own.

Step 3 – MiniMeis extra padding is an external, optional padding, which we suggest that you attach to the MiniMeis before usage. This padding makes the carry experience great for all body shapes and genders, and is recommended to give everyone a happy carrying experience!


How to use MiniMeis G3.

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