The invention of MiniMeis

In Norway when spring arrives, you see them everywhere – fathers who carry their children on their shoulders. You were maybe yourself placed high above the ground as little, with the whole, wide world under the tip of your curious nose, huge grin and arms flying high. Safe shoulders to discover the world from. What kid doesn’t love that!?

The problem is that shoulder carrying it’s often a short-lived moment of joy. For starters, it’s not very practical for the parent who have to use both hands to hold the child’s legs, and if the child is small support the whole body. Second, notice the awkward front leaning posture as the parent tries to avoid that the kid falls backward.
For the kid’s sake, she has to hold her daddies head to keep balance and tires easily from sitting without back support.

If only it was I, the inventor kind of daddy who realised this about shoulder carrying and thought “AHA”! but, – nope. I have to give the credit to my, at the time, brilliant 12-year-old daughter Thelma. The whole family spent the weekend in Liseberg amusement park. I was struggling to put my then youngest daughter Lilly into a frontal carrier. Thelma pointed out: “daddy why don’t you make some kind of chair so she can sit on your shoulders without you holding her?”. That was the magical sentence that sparked to life, what I have been working with ever since = the best possible carry device for children – MiniMeis shoulder carrier.

As I started my paternity leave a few weeks after our trip, I realised I really needed this kind of carrier. As a father, I wanted to be close to my daughter while having my hands free at the same time. At 8 months she was curious to see more, but it felt awkward to have her dangling from my chest in a baby carrier. Also, other then nap time, she was not satisfied in the pram. Her favourite place was to sit on my shoulders. As I quickly discovered during my lengthy paternity leave, most baby products are made for the mothers. I felt it was time for a real daddy product on the market. MiniMeis is developed by dads, for dads and tested by dads – but we are also very pleased that many moms also love our carrier, not to forget the grandparents! All you need is a curious child and a safe shoulder.

Julius Winger – inventor (and father to 3 girls)