Most young parents DON'T want to spend
valentine's day alone with their partner!

…but do want to spend time with their kids and partner :)

We have asked our MiniMeis community on about how they would like to spend their Valentine's Day in 2022 the insights.

  • 67% of parents want to spend valentine's day with their partner and kids
  • 29% of fathers want to spend time alone with their partner, while only 14% of mums want this.
  • Parents in Europe and USA have a similar preference on how to spend time on valentines day

Some of our favourite quotes are based on:

“The Best Valentine’s Day for me is….”

  • “Relaxing morning with breakfast, followed by some outdoor activity (hiking or beach), and nice meal at home.”
  • “Canada will still be cold and snowy, but outdoors, with some warm tea, going for a "warm" sunny hike with my wife and kids, playing all day, BBQ dinner (cook outside, eat inside, too cold for patio dinners still unfortunately), a relaxing movie with popcorn before putting the kids to sleep, and an evening of romance with the wife”
  • “Sex all day and the kids watching Disney +”

About the poll:
We have asked MiniMeis parents by email and on our instagram stories to fill out a small poll. We have gotten 140 replies on February 8th and 9th in total where we have based these insights on.