Free shipping on orders above €100

We have free shipping on orders above €100 and VAT included. We deliver within 1-7 days. Usually, it takes 2-4 days.

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What is the difference between G4 and G5?

The G5 collection is upgraded with:

  1. Matte Premium Fabric, from recycled Ocean Waste materials.
  2. Softer shoulder straps and padding for improved user comfort.
  3. Even easier to use with Velcro straps and no adjustments on the back.
  4. Refined detailing with color matched components, improved stich work, silicone leathers and molded logos.
What is the difference between Premium and Core?

The G5 Premium has mesh ventilated back panel.

The Olive Premium also has copper finish on stainless steel frame and even more refined detailing and printed logos

How many colors do you have?

The new MiniMeis G5 shoulder carrier has 5 brand new color designs. Pick your favorite. No matter what color you chose, the new MiniMeis offers revolutionary comfort for carrier and child. The MiniMeis shoulder carrier is suitable for kids from 6 months to 4 years old (or up to 18 kg / 40 lbs).

Free shipping on orders above €100

We have free shipping and all VAT included on all orders above €100

How long does shipping take?

We deliver within 1-7 days. Usually, it takes 2-4 days.

Do I have to pay any import taxes?

We ship to Norway, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, Germany, and France — all charges for taxes and import costs included.

What about returning the MiniMeis?

Part of our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you will always be able to return the MiniMeis shoulder carrier to us within 90 days. The costs for the return shipment are for you as a customer. But please do let us know if you experience any problems, 9 out of 10 times we are able to make you love MiniMeis just as much as we do. Contact us!

How do I contact you?

Talk to us, we are here to help!
Visit this page to contact us directly and we are happy to assist you with any question, remark or suggestions.

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