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  • Best view from safe shoulders
  • From 6 months – 5 years old (max. 22 kg / 48 lbs)
  • Compact size and foldable 30x30cm, only 1kg


Meet the new baby and child shoulder carrier developed by Norwegian dads!

We created the MiniMeis to make it fun, easy and safe to go on adventures with your child. The MiniMeis carrier gives your child a perfect view of the world, from the safety of your shoulders. Providing comfort and free hands for both of you. With 5 unique color designs you are bound to find a favorite!


Comfort for the parent is provided by placing the child on a specially designed seat, hovering just above your shoulders, relieving your neck and shoulders from direct stress. The weight of the child is evenly distributed through the carriers’ body, which enables longer walks in comfort and style, with happy kids.


While discovering the world, your child sits safely on your shoulders secured by a waist belt and leg straps. A harness with shoulder straps is included to give extra upper body support for the smallest kids (6-10 months). An extendable padded seat provides maximum comfort for the child. The supportive backrest is designed to help the child sit up straight while sitting in the carrier on your shoulders.


At only 1,5 kg (3,3 lb), the MiniMeis is the lightest framed child carrier on the market. Despite its super lightweight composition, the MiniMeis shoulder carrier is robust and strong. MiniMeis has passed all the safety standard tests by SGS in both the EU and the US. The carrier has been tested up to the set standard of 22 kg. That said, the durable material used on the MiniMeis can withstand more weight than you’d comfortably want to carry – so it’s really up to you, the parents, how much weight you want distributed on your shoulders.


The MiniMeis G4 is foldable like a laptop and extremely easy to use, store and transport. It’s never been easier to bring your kids on adventures!

22 kg / 48 lbs.

100% happy kids – and parent guarantee

We provide a 100% satisfaction guaranteed service. This means that if you’re not happy with your MiniMeis baby and child shoulder carrier, just let us know and we will make you happy! Sometimes it is just a little tip from our end and you’re hooked. If not, you can return your MiniMeis and get a full refund. Contact Us


  • How long does shipping take?

    We have free worldwide shipping, all VAT included. We ship every business day from our storage worldwide and deliver within 1-3 business days in Europe and US using our partner DHL for worldwide shipping. In any other country, delivery can take between 1-5 business days.

  • Do I have to pay any import taxes?

    No, we ship to all countries including all charges for taxes and import costs included. Only customers in Russia will have to pay import duties upon receival of their order.

  • What about returning the MiniMeis?

    Part of our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you will always be able to return the MiniMeis shoulder carrier to us within 90 days. The costs for the return shipment are for you as a customer. But please do let us know if you experience any problems, 9 out of 10 times we are able to make you love MiniMeis just as much as we do. Contact us!

  • How do I contact you?

    Talk to us, we are here to help!
    Choose e-mail, phone or Facebook to contact us directly and we are happy to assist you with any question, remark or suggestions.

  • How many colors do you have?

    The MiniMeis G4 shoulder carrier has 5 brand new color designs. Pick your favorite. No matter what color you chose, the new MiniMeis offers revolutionary comfort for carrier and child. The MiniMeis shoulder carrier is suitable for kids from 6 months to 5 years old (or up to 22 kg/48 lbs).

  • Corona Information

    MiniMeis is not affected by the ongoing situation with the coronavirus. You will receive your order within 1-3 business days. Take care of each other and embrace the potential extra time you have as a family, in your local neighborhoods.

    Delivery without contact – Signature Release

    Our partner DHL offers the option to deliver without requiring a signature, providing a delivery without personal contact. This option is made available after you ordered with us, DHL will contact you by email and sms where you can choose “Signature release” as an option.

  • Be Safe: Dont Use a Fake MiniMeis

    Buy MiniMeis products from trusted sellers only

    MiniMeis’ unique quality products have caught the attention of counterfeiters worldwide. As we continue to grow successfully, the challenge of preventing fake MiniMeis products from reaching the market increases.

    We, at MiniMeis, want children all over the world to be safe and grow with our products. However, the downside to the success of our products is that we are increasingly being copied and consumers now risk being fooled into buying false products.

    We want to make you aware of this problem so this doesn’t happen to you and your family.

    We care about your safety

    The sad truth is that we deal with counterfeit and false products every day. Testing and analysis of fake MiniMeis products demonstrates that copies are of dangerously poor quality.

    As a manufacturer of children’s products, MiniMeis works hard to maintain the highest and most rigorous standards for safety, non-toxic materials, quality and workmanship. Our shoulder carrier is the only one that has passed all safety standard tests in the EU and US.

    Our concern is that the counterfeit industry doesn’t have sufficient focus on quality and safety standards. Copied MiniMeis products may not be safe, even if they look and feel like real MiniMeis products. Only the original MiniMeis products are guaranteed to be compliant with all regulatory requirements.

    Copying MiniMeis products is illegal

    As many other well-known brands, we have recognized that we need to protect our children, customers, our business and the integrity of our brand by rigorously combating the copy business. We consistently go after counterfeiters to stop their products.

    Copying products is illegal and it also hurts both customers and our business. MiniMeis allocates huge resources every year towards the fight against counterfeiting. That money could have been spent on developing new, safe MiniMeis products.

    You can help

    MiniMeis is known for the superior product quality and unique design, always in the best interest of the child. Our mission is to make products that grow with your child and to keep your child safe from harm. If you think you have discovered false MiniMeis products, we would very much appreciate you telling us by sending an email to contact@minimeis.com. By fighting false products we keep our children safe and our business healthy.

    Where to buy your MiniMeis products safely

    Your best protection against counterfeit products is to purchase only from certified retailers or minimeis.com. Our warranty registration serves as your guarantee.


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  • Best view from safe shoulders
  • From 6 months – 5 years old (max. 22 kg / 48 lbs)
  • Compact size and foldable 30x30cm, only 1kg