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Hello world. We are MiniMeis!

Seven years ago, three dads decided to make a product that encourages parents to be even more active with their kids. With backgrounds from design and product development we set out to create the world’s best carrier.
The result? MiniMeis!
MiniMeis gives kids a bird’s eye view, while providing comfort and free hands to the parent.
A safe and easy to use carrier with an ambition to make kids (and parents) even happier.

Julius, Dad and Inventor
Marcus, Dad and Product Designer
Tarjei, Dad and CEO

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Dedicated to make the best carrier.

When we became parents, we carried our children on our shoulders, just like our fathers and mothers before us. The kids were always happy to sit up there, but we were missing two things: Free hands and better comfort for both.
An idea was born: Could we make a product that enabled small children to sit on the shoulders unaided, in comfort and style? As parents we knew it had to be easy to use, safe, durable, and extremely practical. That’s why from the start, we decided to make the MiniMeis foldable. It had to take up as little space as possible for a modern, active family on the go!

A new way to carry your child

We spent the next years in the design studio making prototypes and testing with our own – and all neighboring kids. It took a lot of hard work and dedication, but what kept us going was a big smile from a parent and child, even when the product was not perfect. Today we have finally reached our goal and found a way to place your child comfortably on your shoulders. MiniMeis G4 is here!

What started as a private project has now taken us to all corners of the world.
The MiniMeis is constantly finding new families. Because the needs of a child have no borders. Let them sit safely and close to your head, with a perfect view. The result is happy, active and exploring kids. Ready to embark on the journey of growing up.

Scandinavian innovation

MiniMeis was founded, developed and tested in Norway. The invention is the first of its kind and is patented globally. Our developers aren’t just dads with an active family life, they have backgrounds from industrial and textile design as well. The MiniMeis is produced together with experienced partners that share our values and work ethic, and we pride ourselves on the fact that the entire process is based on principles of quality and sustainability.

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