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An idea started a warm summer day a few years ago.. It spawned a long process of hard work, where we have tried to create the ultimate shoulder carrying device for children..

Its been more than 3 years; finally its here!

You child sits firmly on your shoulders, strapped in with a 5 point seat belt.. Safe and sound!

You carry the child in a comfortable and ergonomically correct way as the weight of the child is placed on top of your shoulders, distributing the weight evenly through your body. Unlike traditional carrying devices where you carry the child on your back, pulling you back.
This enables you to stand longer and walk longer without being tired, compared to just carrying the child on your shoulders or in a traditional carrying device.

Children start to get curious and explore the world around them when they reach 1 ½ to 2 years of age. MiniMeis has leg supports and shoulder straps to keep your child safe after he explores the world on his own two feet for a while, before returning him to his MiniMeis and mommy or daddy’s shoulders to rest. The seat cover for 2-5 year olds has no fasteners and functions as a back support for the child. The child is secured by straps around the legs that replace the handle when carrying the child on the shoulders without the MiniMeis. This allows you to lift the child easily from the baby carrier or return him to the MiniMeis without taking the carrier off.
The Minimeis is fastened on to the carrier first when using the seat cover for 2-5 year olds. Then you simply lift the child onto your shoulders and secure him using the foot straps.
Good for you, good for your child.

We wanted MINIMEIS to be a practical product, in usage, transportation and storage. So we made it collapsible, and it comes with a storage and transportation bag. In addition the MINIMEIS and bag is made in lightweight, strong and durable materials.

MINIMEIS was developed and tested in Norway, and it still is!. Its developers are both industrial designers and textile designers, giving them the competence they need in this task of making the ultimate child-carrying device.
The production of MINIMIES is being done in cooperation with partners that have long experience in producing products for the Norwegian market. They have an excellent understanding of what we expect of business and production ethics as well as workers management. This ensures quality in all steps in the production of MINIMEIS.

Here at MINIMEIS we just love the product we have created! And we are very please to finally be able to share it with all of you!